A young woman whose was trending on social media and reported as missing was confirmed dead by a Facebook account purported to belong to her father on Thursday morning.

According to Twitter, Karabo Mokoena had been missing since April 28. Those who posted her pictures asked that the message be spread and help find her. On Thursday morning, however, a Facebook account of Tshepo Mokoena said that Karabo was dead and that the boyfriend had killed and burnt her body.

Mokoena's post elicited message of condolences with one user saying he was a criminal lawyer and that if Mokoena needed any help he must call him.

An outpouring of emotional messages have come in for both Karabo and her father, who expressed gratitude for the messages on Facebook, writing: "Thank you for the support."

One Twitter user, Mary-Jane Mphahlele, was angry at the alleged manner in which Karabo died by writing: "Karabo Mokoena was found killed by her boyfriend like many others. Next time you want to dismiss her story with 'not all men are trash', think."

Another, @phiwe_lufele wrote: "The Karaba Mokoena story is so sad because it's so common. We can't even trust the men we share our lives, our beds or our vaginas with."

A man with the handle BossruuRuphus said the story was a tragic one

"I fear for my daughter everyday and this makes it worse. God please save us from evil," he wrote.

The Star was trying to get more information in the story from the police at the time of publicatio