Isibaya should definitely be categorised as some sort of African horror movie. The things we see on this telenovela have the potential to make us wake up in a sweat..

To give you a bit of context, in Tuesday’s episode, witchdoctor Sunday Nkabinde managed to put a spell on Fezile, played by Andile Mxakaza.

Nkabinde, who worked for deceased chief Bhekifa, conjured up some hectic voodoo potion to ensure that Bhekifa’s evil spirit lives through Fezile.

Nkabinde’s wicked ways have managed to seriously scare a lot of Isibaya viewers ever since he appeared on the show. His evil laugh and immoral actions are so convincing you would actually think that the actor does this witchdoctor thing for an actual living in real life.

What’s your take on Nkabinde and do you think it would be wise for the show to cut of Nkabinde from the show considering that people have taken a strange but great liking to the character?

Also, word around the industry is that Isibaya auditions will be taking place this year, we’ll keep you posted as we get the latest news.

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