Actress and television presenter Jessica Nkosi says even though she has taken a break from acting on Isibaya to focus on other things, acting is her first love and she will continue to pursue it. Jessica says as far as acting is concerned she is still on a journey to play her ultimate dream characters.

Speaking to The Juice, the star revealed that she would love to play a villian amoung other characters.

“I have a list of the characters I want to play, and so far, literally, I’m not even close to completing my list. I want to play a super-hero, I want to play the villain who kills everybody, I want to play the druggy on the street, I want to play a man even. I want to be able to gain weight to play a certain character. I always think of Charlize Theron who gained weight to be in Monster, and I’m like, that’s what I want to do,” she explains.

Jessica’s first TV role as Qondi on Isibaya is what has made her the star she is today and she told DRUM recently that she is so happy with having played the character.

“Qondi went from being the girl serving the tea to being the Queen who is being served, that is growth and throughout I the character went through a lot and that made me grow as an actress,” she explains.

Jessica is currently one of the new presenters on BET A List.