ACTOR Mduduzi “Mdu” Gumede was tossed in the air and landed on the red carpet.

Mdu is famous for his role as Ntandane in Mzansi Magic’s telenovela Isibaya.

According to eyewitnesses, Ntandane tried to use his fame to gain access at Taboo Night Club in Sandton, Joburg, after he was denied entry as his name didn’t appear on the guest list.

A bystander said Ntandane stood outside the club’s door asking people he knew to help him gain access.

A source told Sunday Sun: “He was pestering everyone, asking them to tell Jabulani “Cashflow” Ngcobo to help him get into the club.

After an hour, he jumped the long queue and was stopped by the bouncer because he didn’t have a stamp.

He argued he was an actor and was supposed to make an appearance.”

Another source said: “After some time, the bouncer got irritated pushed him and he pushed back. That’s when he was lifted up in the air and rolled back to the door on the red carpet.”

A third source said: “He was screaming the name of Eyadini Lounge owner, Jabulani “Mjay”, saying Mjay wouldn’t be impressed with the treatment he got at Taboo because he was booked to make an appearance but was ‘harassed by bouncers that don’t earn enough’.”

A fourth source said: “This guy thinks he has made it in life by boasting to us and telling the bouncers that they don’t know who he is, like we care, he’ll remember this day when dark days visit him one day”.

After a while, the SunTeam witnessed Ntandane in the VIP area with Cashflow and other celebrities.

Mduduzi was not available for comment and also failed to respond to our SMSes.

Taboo’s owner Chris Coutroulis’s phone rang unanswered.