An artist by the name of Inno Matijane still wants his money from Sammy Sosa.

In August 2016 Inno Matijane caught the attention of many people on social media after he dragged media personality, Sammy Sosa for owing him money.

According to Inno, he gave Sammy R23,000 for a song he wanted her to feature on, but according to him, Sammy didn't pitch for the song.

It's 2017 and Inno is still adamant on getting his money back, the artist has even reached out to

Since sending out the tweet Inno has received a lot of support via social media users as he did last year.

Sammy Sosa did address the money owing claims briefly on Twitter last year and expressed that issues cannot be solved on social media.

Apparently, Sammy Sosa also did an interview on Trends SA to address the issue but according to Inno she "choked"

Did anyone watch the interview? We'd really like to know what her side of the story is.

Hopefully, this misunderstanding will be resolved soon, it can't be good for both parties involved.