It looks like Hlaudi still has artists local artists in his corner thanks to his 90% quota rule which might not exist in the near future if the proposal to drop it is successful. “If they end the 90% quota, we are going to eat cabbage,” says Babes Wodumo.

This means international artists would benefit more than local artists. Babes Wodumo shared her two cents to the issue telling Tshisa Live about her fears should the quota be dropped.

“If they end the 90% quota, international artists will make a lot of money and local artists will not be recognized in our country at all. We are going to eat cabbage and potatoes if they take the 90% away from us.

“You already find actors without cars and staying in flats and the situation will get worse. We don’t care what is happening at the SABC, we just want the 90% quota to remain,” she told the publication.

Babes is all for Hlaudi coming back to SABC saying, “We want Hlaudi back. He is a father to all artists. He gave actors contracts and a decent salary.”