If you watched the movie Love By Chance with Atandwa Kani and Altovise Lawrence you would understand the frustration media personality Thembisa Mdoda explained about the time her marriage to actor Atandwa started breaking down.
“There was a time when I was always upset and frustrated, he was getting booked for gigs and I wasn’t. I stopped making the effort and would wear the same clothes from when he left home to when he got back,” Thembisa told Anele Mdoda on Real Talk with Anele recently.
Thembisa opened up about how because she and Atandwa had both studied the arts, when she didn’t get booked she was frustrated wondering why the industry wasn’t accepting her and part of that frustration she took out on Atandwa.
“I didn’t allow him to be, because I was just so angry and closed up, that contributed to the issues we had,” Thembisa explained.
For the first time Thembisa gave details of how she and Atandwa had apologized to each other about what had happened and are still apologizing.
“We have apologized to each other. And it was a process and I feel for most of what happened, it happened because he needed to hear certain things come straight for me and that has been done. It was a long process and we had to sit down for long talks but we are not on fighting mode anymore,” Thembisa added.
Thembisa who has been spotting an engagement ring recently evaded the question from Anele on whether she is engaged or not.