Veteran actress Sophie Ndaba has been left shattered by the news of Mandla Hlatshwayo's death on Sunday night

Sophie who spent many years working on Generations with Mandla, who played the charming character, Siphiwe told ANN7 that she was "heartbroken".
The actress labelled Mandla "fearless" for the way he was killed while helping other women during an alleged mugging outside a tavern in Pimville, Soweto.
"He had the kind of spirit of a loving and caring person. I don't even think he saw his death coming because for him was just helping. He was fearless," she said.
Sophie added that Mandla's death was an incredible loss for the entertainment industry because he was completely committed to the art.
"Hearing of the news just broke my heart because you know in South Africa we seem to be losing the best talent. People who are really committed to their art,” she said.
The actress added that Mandla had so much more to achieve in his life, and that the shooting had robbed him of that.
“He was a businessman in this industry who was there to really make a mark and add value to whatever he was doing. I think for me, that’s why I feel we’ve just lost somebody who had so much potential to grow bigger and bigger,” she said.
Sophie added young people could learn not to be afraid and go after their dreams from Mandla.
"The spirit that he had as a young person coming into the industry, and saying, 'I want to make a mark'. I think that fighting spirit that he had and not being afraid of change is the legacy he leaves. Mandla's legacy tells young people that whatever dream you have pursue it no matter what the obstacle," she said.
Police have confirmed on Tuesday morning that four suspects have been arrested in connection with Mandla and another man's murder in Soweto.
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