PICTURES on social media of former Uzalo actor Kay Sibiya apparently getting very close to another man has raised questions regarding his sexuality.

Some of his fans sounded shocked by the apparently playful pics, with a few asking whether this was his way of coming out of the closet about his sexuality.

In one of the pictures posted on a women’s page on Facebook (Ladies House), Kay sticks out his tongue as if he wants to kiss the unknown man, while another shows a smiling Kay with a man kissing him on the cheek.

A few fans claimed the photos might have been manipulated.

Others openly asked if he was gay, to which one fan replied that Kay didn’t have to explain himself.

But The Queen actor took the questions in his stride, telling people that while he isn’t gay, he doesn’t have any issues with gays either.

Kay took to Twitter yesterday to express his feelings about the issue.

“So just because I posed for these pictures I’m said to be gay.

“If I had pushed this fan away I would have been called homophobic . . . mmmm,” posted Kay.

He revealed that the guy in the picture is a fan.

He said he was at a celebration of the National Youth Development Agency when the guy asked to take a picture with him and his colleague.

“The guy was very excited when he took the pictures of us,” said Kay.