AN ACTOR’S life is full of drama, even offstage. There’s tension when the repo man grabs your Audi A3 . . . AND TRAGEDY WHEN HE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR A5 AS WELL! Former Generations actor, Thami Mngqolo, had a leading role in both dramas.

Barely a year after losing his Audi A3 to the repo man, Thami is on the verge of bidding farewell to his 2014 Audi A5. When asked for comment, Thami denied that the repo man was after his car. “You’re confusing issues, that I lost the Audi A3. My Audi A5 is in my possession right now,” he said.

Thami said he was in arrears at some point in January but managed to settle it. “This was after I had received a call from people at ABSA,” he said. Thami said after bringing the account up to date, he decided to pay more so that he could be a month ahead.

But it is alleged that he failed to repay the monthly instalments for the luxury car. Thami, who used to play Senzo in Generations, was taken to court after defaulting on his payment for more than three months.

According to court papers, he was R39 839 in arrears when Absa applied to the South Gauteng High Court in Joburg to have the car repossessed. The bank claimed Thami had breached his car finance agreement by failing to pay.

Before taking him to court, the bank claimed to have written to him, suggesting he seek advice from a debt counsellor. Thami tried to put up a brave fight. His lawyers told the court that he intended to apply for a motion to defend.

But when he failed to act within 10 days, Absa applied for summary judgment against Thami. The bank asked the court to order him to return the car and to cancel the agreement. It claims Thami owed R596 490 for car payments, including interest since May 2014. The bank also claims it had complied with all its obligations of the agreement – even delivering the car to the defendant.

The bank’s lawyers claimed the service provider tried to help Thami. This A5 drama is a repeat of a motoring show that ran last year. At the time, Sunday Sun reported that the repo man had removed his A3.

Source Sunday Sun