He's on 27-years-old but Dumi Mkokstad sure is ready for marriage.

One of the youngest and most talented gospel singers in the country plans on getting married in the next three years.

Speaking to Move magazine Mkokstad was not shy in admitting that he's ready to tie the knot in the near future and considering how much of a talented and handsome young man he is, we have no doubt that him finding a wife will not be an issue.

According to the publication, even people at his church have been encouraging him to get married, but he does not feel pressured at all.

Ladies, if you're worried that Mkokstad has a type, fret not because all that matters to him is that his potential wife will love him for who he is.

"It doesn't have to be someone with this or that. As long as I love her, that's enough for me. I think God will do the rest," he explains.

Mkokstad has also vowed to spoil his future wife rotten with shoes and all things a wife deserves.

His future wife will sure be one of the luckiest women on the gospel circuit.

In the past couple of years, Mkokstad has admitted that his past hasn't been all squicky clean, in previous interviews, the gospel singer admitted that he's had multiple partners and gave in to a lot of pressure which lead to him neglecting his faith.

But since he's managed to get himself on the correct path, those days are far behind him.

Good for you Dumi.