Everyone know that Dr Malinga is quiet the joke-star, but he really crossed the line when he came for Nasty C today.

Their feud began when Dr Malinga accused Nasty C of buying awards, Nasty C responded to Dr Malinga’s tweets with a scathing video. In the video, Nasty C, who told Dr Malinga to let go of his loss at the Metro FM Awards, called Dr Malinga a “103-year-old f*cking gimmick who wears green pants all the way up to his man boobs and pretends to be kicking a plane on stage”.

He told Malinga to shut up and work as hard as he does before he starts complaining about who deserves to win awards.

It seems as though Dr Malinga who is old enough to be Nasty C's dad is still holding on to the feud because he wished Nasty C a "happy mother's day" today, the only problem is that Nasty C is not a mother and the young musician lost his mom, the joke was in bad taste and soon after that Twitter users came for Dr Malinga for that insensitive tweet which has since been deleted, see some of the tweets below.
Dr Malinga has since apologized.