Clearly not everyone understands that you don’t come for DJ Euphonik especially on twitter. One tweleb learnt the hard, we are just glad Euphonik didn’t swear at all of us this time. Euphonik hits back after being accused of DM’ing someone’s girl.

According to one twitter user, apparently Euphonik was dm’ing his girl and he went on twitter threatening to release screenshots. No screenshots have been released but this has not stopped Euphonik from threatening to take legal action against the guy.

“My brand & image is a big deal pal. U were insinuating something now prove it. Post there!! You’ll learn to keep my name out ur mouth,” Euphonik tweeted to the tweleb.

The complete shutdown came when the accuser asked what Euphonik would do if he provides the screenshots. Euphonik being himself came back with a savage reply.

“1. We all learn a lesson. 2. I sue u for reputatioanal damage. 3. I use the peanuts I get from that to support your girls hair business,” Euphonik tweeted.