Ntando also set the record straight about her sister, Thando, who some people refer to as her twin.

Ntando Duma
Born: 29 August 1995, Soweto
Ntando Duma is a South African actress and television personality best known as the presenter on e.tv’s youth programming block, Craz-e, where she has predominantly featured on Craz-e World live.
She was raised in Orange Farm in the Gauteng province by her mother and her grandmother. Ntando Duma is one of four children; she has three sibling including her sister, Thando Duma. “I grew up in Orange Farm with my grandmother. We didn’t really have much to go around, so the circumstances did not really allow for any of us to have pocket money or attend expensive schools.

“We managed, however, to have a normal childhood. Like any other child in the street we would play games and didn’t really worry about what was happening at home,” she was quoted by the Sunday World in August 2015.

Ntando Duma’s father left the family when she was three years old and passed away in 2008; according to the Sunday World August 2015 article, she describe the experience as the lowest point in her life

"The person that you think is my twin, is my sister. Well I don't have a twin sister. I know we look alike and we look fresh and stuff, but she's not my twin sister, unfortunately," she said.

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