Tonight's bachelorette was ThamTham, she is a 29 year old businesswoman.

She was looking for a guy that is driven, clean and somewhat handsome.

The first hopeful looking for love was Richard. He is a chef and a part time DJ. Richard was looking for a focused and kind woman who he can spend the rest of his life with.

The date with his family went well, they all got along like a house on fire and the chocolate bit at the end was super cute.

The second hopeful looking for love was Thapelo. He is looking for a honest & respectable lady, "I am not big on looks, I just want a lady that has morals and values."

The date with his family was also decent, ThamTham is pretty chilled and she is easy to get along with.

The last bachelor looking for love was 29 year old Khulekani. He is a DJ, he was looking for a sharp and respectable lady, "I do not want a fat or skinny lady, I want a girl that is neutral, she must obviously be beautiful and smart."

The date with his family was okay, ThamTham and his mom shared a very sweet moment but we weren't shocked that she did not choose him.

She chose Thapelo and the date was pretty awkward because of the silence moments in between, we hope that the pair figure it out because they look good together.