“Dating a South African black men is a “constant f***ing therapy”.

These are the words of actress Celeste Ntuli.

In a passionate rant that has now gone viral on social media, Celeste Ntuli has expressed what she believes to be the problem with black men in Mzansi, namely, their “mental slavery”.

The actress was captured having a heated discussion with a colleague on the set of Isibaya, about the state of things in Mzansi and the fact that black men’s priority is an “a**”.

Celeste expresses her deep believes about what is wrong with SA men and calls them out for being solely focused on “a**” and “yellowbones”.

According to her, all other men spend their weekends talking about issues that affect them, while a South African black man spends his at a shisanyama.

“80% of you are at f***ing shisanyama every weekend,” she says.

She went as far as to says that if “Russians and all other countries can come and attacked South Africa on a Sunday, all women and children will be dead”.

“The South African black man must acknowledge their own mental slavery,” she said.

Celetse also touched on the fact that women of previous generations had to keep quiet about abuse because they were told to “not expose their sh*t” and keep their marriages together.

“Black man’s agenda is an ass and a yellow bone,” she concluded.