Y’all should leave Cassper alone with his raps about his riches. The rapper is tired of being humble when twitter trolls come for him trying to make him feel bad about his accomplishments. Cassper lists all his cars and designer watches in a savage clapback.

Cassper’s haters have been mentioning how he only raps about his wealth and one Cassper has finally had enough. One twitter troll learnt the hard way when they tried to throw a jab at Cassper for rapping about hid Bentleys and his response was savage.

So in case you want to know what exactly Cassper owns when it comes to cars and jewellery, here we go. “This arguement is tired bro but for the record. It’s 2 Bentleys, A new V Class and new sprinter, 5 Rolexes and I’m rich as f*ck!!,” Cassper clapped back.