Isibaya actress Qondi (real name Jessica Nkosi) dropped a bombshell earlier this morning when she subtly hinted that she will be leaving Isibaya. Jesicca, who was a guest at Dj Fresh’s show on Metro Fm, was asked if she will be leaving the popular show to which she first fumbled a yes before saying ‘maybe’.

Probed further to reveal more details, Jesicca confirmed that she will taking a sabbatical from the popular show, Fresh Breakfast. Gorgeous Jessica Nkosi plays love struck Qondi on the Zulu drama or “telenovela” as it’s called, Isibaya. She opens up about how it all started.

I was visiting a friend when an old friend from Joburg, called asking for my photos and details, which he wanted to submit to a new TV show. I used my friend’s laptop to send my details immediately,” Jessica recalls. Not too thereafter the production house called and told her they’d be holding auditions at the Bat Center in Durban. Since her home is in Esikhawini township, in Empangeni, and more than an hour’s drive from Durban, Jessica had to arrange to sleep over at distant relatives in Durban. After going through all this trouble, Jessica got the shock of her life when she arrived at the auditions. “Some guy said we were there to audition for a short film that would pay us R200. That hit hard,” she laughs now, but at the time it wasn’t funny at all. “I told myself if it meant getting one step closer to acting, I would do it.” Of course the guy – whoever he was – didn’t know what he was talking about. The audition was in fact for the role of shy but self-assured rural beauty, Qondi on Isibaya.

Now that she is leaving, fans are heartbroken and only wish it is a temporary decision and she will be back soon. No official word has been said on when she will make her last appearance or what she will be doing after leaving.