Media personality Bonang Matheba says her success has been based on a number of things but there are a few things that she always follows.

Speaking at the Media24 Leadership Conference Team Speak 2017 last Friday, Bonang shares these five secrets she attributes to her mega success:
  1. Trust no one – This may sound like a negative, but it’s a positive. In life everyone always puts themselves first, that’s why you need to do the same. Trust that only you can put yourself first.
  2. There’s nothing in the world you can’t have, if you work for what you want and put in the work and patience required you will get what you want.
  3. Things will always happen in God’s time. Trust that timing.
  4. The world is a cruel place, you must always guard your heart.
  5. Protect whatever is peace to you – If peace is not responding to haters and not engaging bad people, do that. Protect whatever is valuable to you