It's no secret that Bonang Matheba is a lover of nice things. In a new documentary, Six Zeros to My Name, the TV star admitted that while she paid off her first house at 22, she also indulges.

Bonang said that she has been lucky to have parents who taught her the importance of spending wisely and investing.

"I"m very lucky that God chose my parents for me. Parents that are business savvy, that know all about finance and are academics. They also gave me the mind and intelligence to know that you need to have a home because this might end tomorrow."

Bonang said she is determined to invest in herself and her future.

"There have been so many cases where we have seen end up broke or die broke it is our duty to change that."

The show, which was filmed in 2016, gave fans a look into Bonang's closet. And, of course, her shoe collection was on fully display.

"I spend my money on shoes. Have you seen my Instagram? I'm so bad. I'm terrible. I don't know how many pairs of shoes I have. Maybe 200. 300."