According to a recent Arton Capital report, South African citizens can visit 90 different countries without a visa in 2017, highlighted by the IMF as the third strongest visa in Africa, after Mauritius and Seychelles.
However not all of these countries are necessarily great holiday destinations that are worth visiting, and others are prohibitively expensive due to travel logistics and the current exchange rate.
With that in mind BusinessTech looked at the most popular holiday destinations on the list of 90 countries, and how much travel and accommodation to those places will set you back.
While the South African passport can get you to many African countries for a stay under R10,000 – more popular destinations also have removed the visa requirements for SA travellers, providing the opportunity for some affordable travel.
Data was based on prices provided by Expedia and includes a week’s accommodation (3 May – 10 May) and return flights (economy) from OR Tambo. Prices range between R9,000 (Indonesia) and R50,000 (Barbados).
You can find a full list of countries South African can visit without a Visa here.
While prices were correct at the time of writing they may have subsequently changed based on the current exchange rates. The prices included are indicative of inclusive travel packages and may differ based on purchasing flights and accommodation separately.
 This article is not meant to act as an exact pricing guide but rather as a comparative tool.

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