He’s currently killing it as the troublesome Gloria’s son on Scandal and also in the SA version of MTV’s Shuga. He has come a long way since his famous avert when he was only 14. 5 facts you need to know about Given Stuurman.

1. He was born and raised in different parts of central Joburg. He went on to study sound engineering at the Academy of Sound Engineering in Auckland Park but did not complete his studies.

2. The 22 year old became a household name at the age of 14 after he appeared as a young boy asking for a girl’s hand in marriage in a PostBank advertisement.

3. Stuurman appeared in Invictus back in 2009 alongside Hollywood elite Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman.

4. He has appeared in many different local series including Tsha Tsha and Tshisa and international films like Invictus.

5. He currently stars in e.tv’s Scandal and Mtv Shuga. His plan is to study film production for him to broaden what he can do in the industry.