Zoleka Mandela, who is currently in remission after beating breast cancer, has been struggling with pain in her bones for the past two weeks.

At first Zoleka was incredibly paranoid that the pain may be symptoms of bone cancer because of the length of time she endured the 'soreness.'

"I contacted my medical oncologist and radiation oncologist - the pain in my chest may just be from radiation and the joint pain from the hormone blockers (Zoladex and Femara) that I'm currently on," she said.

Zoleka said that if the pain persisted she would have to undergo a bone scan, but was more than ready for anything that was thrown her way.

"Just smiling, flossing and slaying through the pain because whatever the cause - it needs a reminder of who I am ... Maybe it should go ahead and ask the breast cancer I beat twice just who the F I am!!!," she said.