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Tuesday 11 April  2017 Episode 05 

Captured by Dikki's gang, Tekkies is made a frightening example of. The murder of Moses Dlamini is uncovered, pointing Bheka and Ntando towards Killer's desperation. Glory visits her jailed husband.

Tuesday 18 April  2017 

Episode 06

 Killer reconciles with his mentor, Melusi, and they make big plans for the future. Roxanne overhears a strange conversation between Mtheto and a villager which raises her concerns about his intentions.

New cast revealed for Z'bondiwe

The season premieres on Tuesday, 10 May at 21h35 and the action picks up where things left off.


Season 1 saw two notorious rival gangs - The Vutha Boys and The Mambas - rule the township. The season followed the emotional dynamics of two lovers, Ntando and Roxanne going through obstacles that thoroughly tested their commitment to each other.

The Vutha Boys gang leader, Killer, was highly obsessed with Roxanne and did whatever it took to keep her by his side, including holding her hostage and marrying her.

Ntando had to put his dreams of being a lawyer on hold and join the rival gang, the Mambas, in order to save his girlfriend from Killer.

Mbulelo Grootboom, Zola Nombona and Anga Makubalo return to reprise their roles as Killer, Roxanne and Ntando and the season sees Ntando and Roxanne trying their best to rekindle their relationship.

The Season 1 cast are joined by Tango Ncetezo, Charmaine Mtina and Thabang Matlala as the new characters.

Most notable among them is Nomonde, played by Tango Ncetezo: Killer's secret traditional wife. Who knows more than she should.

She's obsessed with getting rid of Roxanne because she blames Roxanne for the fact that Killer abandoned his family.

Charmaine Mtinta plays her older sister Thembi, a voice of reason. Thembi watched with concern as her sister became attracted to the “bad boys” and ended up marrying into the Vutha Boys gang.

Thembi went through her own period of hardship when her husband beat her and eventually abandoned her. She desperately desired to have children of her own, but had several miscarriages. Her struggle birthed in her a desire to run an orphanage and look after children who need love and affection.

Newcomer Thabang Matlala rounds out the new cast as Andile, a 17-year-old boy, who resides in a rural village and who used to live at an orphanage managed by Nomonde. His 14-year-old brother still stays at the orphanage but Andile grew tired of their rules and ran away, making his own way through petty theft. He eventually gets offered a lot of money for a crime that goes wrong.