A WAR of words over punanis for jobs at Lindelani squatter camp in Daveyton, Ekurhuleni has broken out.

Young women accuse older women of sleeping their way into temporary construction jobs in the area.

The young women claim they are not hired because they aren’t willing to sell their bodies and allege that the older women are not only willing, but even brag about it.

Makgomo Phasha (26) said when they approached the elderly women about their behaviour, they were told to shut up because they had cold punanis!

“It’s a shame really because we have morals. We are told by women old enough to be our mothers that we are not hired because we have cold punanis and theirs are hotter than ours.

“We apply for these jobs and go to meetings. Instead we see the same old faces in different projects. How is that fair? There is no way I am going to sell my body for a job,” said disgusted, gatvol Makgomo.

Winnie Mokoena and Eunice Nyandlane agree with her. They said job opportunities needed to rotate to give everyone a chance.

One of the older women said: “Whether we sell our bodies for jobs or not is our business, not theirs. People are just jealous.”

An official said he didn’t know what criteria were used to hire the people who apply.

“Those complaining need to come forward and point out the officials doing this,” he said.