In the wake of the reports that the SABC interim board is considering revoking the 90% local content quota, Afro-pop music veteran Ringo Madlingozi has come out to strongly defend the policy.

Ringo sparked debate when he used a post about "black vulnerability" to defend the SABC's 90% local content quota.

The quota has come under scrutiny with the SABC said to have suffered a loss in advertising revenue because of the decision.

"Now there's a rumour that the quota could be reversed from 90% down. I hope this will never happen," Ringo said.

He went on to explain that a reverse of the quota was disrespectful and said that he refused to "be held to ransom by advertisers".

"We cannot be held to ransom by advertisers who claim our music, our culture, our language and our tradition which is carried through our music," he said.

Ringo also voiced his dissatisfaction at the way radio chose which songs to play from his albums. He added that many societal issues that the country is facing are addressed in songs that hardly get air play on radio.

"All (my songs) have these issues we are dealing with right now. It's just that radio stations choose for you guys which songs to listen to," he said.

His comments came as the SABC interim board prepares to meet over the broadcaster's financial and operational futur