This robber picked the wrong shop to rob, the woman behind the desk didn't just cave in, she put up a huge fight. The attempted raid was caught on security cameras in an office of a Pyaterochka supermarket in the Russian capital Moscow. The terrifying footage shows the robber, wearing a balaclava, burst into the office with a gun in one hand and a bag in the other. He hits a woman sitting at a desk over the back of the head with the weapon and then holds it to her head but rather than cower in fear, she springs at him and fights back.
Still fighting, she manages to force her way out of the office and raise the alarm forcing the robber to flee empty handed. The failed robbery happened in January but police have only just released the footage after arresting an alleged suspect. Officers have not released the name of the 44-year-old man who faces charges of attempted armed robbery.

He reportedly denies the allegations, telling officers: 'Nothing happened, I did not have a gun and I was never there.'

Watch the video below: