Many South Africans have feared for the death of the constitution, President Zuma has been accused of going against the interests of the country time and time again. Over the last few weeks, the pot has hit boiling point. Friday the 7th of April saw tens of thousands of South Africans take the streets in protest of President Zuma.
Today, a #NationalDayOfAction is taking place, opposition party members have come together to have a joint march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Nothing unites the DA and EFF more than a democratically toxic Jacob Zuma.

Currently, party representatives are addressing the crowd outside Church Square before the march begins. The EFF were the first party to arrive in their numbers, the crowd continues to grow as other opposition parties join up.
The EFF also decided to host their own funeral procession to signal the political “death” of Jacob Zuma and his loyalists within the ANC. The group even brought their own homemade (cardboard) coffin and tombstone with a drawing of Zuma on it.

With the march to the union building expected to kick off soon, we can expect more drama as the day continues and the marchers arrive at the Union Buildings. Check out the TimesLIve video of the funeral procession below.