A Durban mom and her young child were lucky to escape unscathed when their Ford Kuga caught alight on the N2 freeway north of the city.

This latest incident comes after more than 40 cases of the SUV catching fire were reported across the country.

Armant Herbst‚ an paramedic with IPSS Medical Rescue‚ said the incident took place at the Tongaat toll plaza. Neither the mom nor her three-year-old child was injured.
Warning, graphic language

"A mom was travelling with her baby boy and started seeing smoke from the car. As she arrived at the toll gate the emergency lights came on. Then there was more smoke. About 10m from the toll gate the car caught alight. Luckily she was able to get the baby out‚" said Herbst‚ who was on the scene with the family.

She was travelling south towards Durban at the time.

Pictures show the vehicle well alight as it stands on the side of the freeway.