A Kruger Park leopard faced a prickly situation when it tried to go after a pair of porcupines, only to get a pointed lesson in respect.

According to Latest Sightings, the leopard was walking along with two porcupines approached.

"As soon as the leopard saw them it changed into stalking mode and we knew something was going to happen," Donovan Piketh, the person who took the video, told Latest Sightings.

The leopard charged after one of the porcupines, and then decided to have a go at the other, but all it got out of this was a collection of quills.

The leopard spent a good few minutes trying to pull the quills out - as the porcupines walked away unscathed.

Eventually the leopard gave up on getting the last of the quills out, and walked off into the bush.

"I think it was very rare and something you will only ever see a leopard do once," said Piketh.