Monhlahla Qwabe aka 'the lady in the yellow dress' struggled to fight back her emotions as she bravely spoke about the strength her daughter gave her to overcome being raped twice.

In an emotionally charged interview with TshisaLIVE, tears streamed down Skolopad's face as she recounted the ordeal.

"I was lucky I wasn't killed, and I told them to tell the guy who sent them that I would not open a rape case," Skolopad said.

Skolopad explained that during the ordeal she refused to scream and give the rapists the satisfaction.

"I just stayed silent and one guy even stopped what he was doing and walked away," she said.

The musician explained that she decided to speak out about her ordeal because of the stigma attached often attached to rape victims.

Skolopad said that her daughter has been her pillar of strength. "She told me, mama you are strong and she calls herself my miracle child," she said about her 16-year-old daughter.