Uzalo and Lockdown actress Dawn King says the time she answered the call of being a traditional healer was possibility one of the most confusing part of her life. The actress opened up about the time recently and she got emotional talking about it.
“That was the most confusing time of my life because of the background I came from, which is Christian, ” she said.
She said when it happened she wasn’t prepared. Dawn says she was in her office doing some work and then she started to feel her body shaking.
“People rushed to me and started praying for me but that didn’t help. My husband then came later and took me to a traditional healer to help me. At that time we were not sure what it was,” Dawn explains.
Dawn who was pregnant at the time says she would go and get her training and assistance after work in Tembisa, East of Joburg where her husband would wait for her. She did the training for a couple of months.
Dawn says that what she learned at that time is that when one has a call on their life they should accept it because it paves the way for one’s future.
“We are not all called the same and that has been my path,” she adds.
Dawn does practice when she gets time and assists people.
The mother of five has been married to her husband for over a decade.