On Tuesday night, a young lady by the name of Akanang who has had a life-long crush on her brother's friend, Bakang was introduced to us as the third person to call Uyang'thanda Na?

Just recently we had mentioned how brave people who willingly go to Uyang'thanda Na are.

The latest brave soul to do so was Akanang who called on the show to express her love for Bakang.

We were quite relieved when Bakang accepted Akanang's love gesture, the moment was so beautiful Akanang even cried, so did we, ok we're lying but it did make us blush a bit.

This was the first episode we'veever seen where a person finally achieves their crush without being rejected in front of the entire nation.

So whilst we were happy to see a new relationship bloom, Twitter then came out with a very confusing yet interesting file about this supposedly "new couple".

According to the Twitter files, Bakang and Akanang are actually engaged!?