Unathi is no stranger to controversy and she has had her fair share of unfair media like every other celeb. The difference is she one of the few who are parents to kids who have access to the internet. Unathi opens up about the time her son found out she was suspended.

Unathi who covered the March True Love Mag opened up to the mag about how negative press on her work life affected her family.

“During the suspension, my son came back from school and said, “Mom, I’m sorry. I was on the internet and I read what’s happening.” We talked about it. Thomas and I try to normalize our lives,” she told the mag.

Unathi said there was a time when her daughter used to not understand why people would greet her and Thomas but after explaining what fame is, their kids understand better.

“We explain to the kids that fame is being popular because you are good at what you do.”