Evil geniuses, violent criminals, and killers have us booing at the screen and jumping in our seats, yet they’re usually the stories most charismatic character.

So who is the baddest of them all?

Cheryl De Villiers

Isidingo's Cheryl had a good run as the soapies villain, she was totally ruthless & believable.

David Genearo

David Generao has been causing havoc on screen and we love it.


We miss Naomi on Rhythm City, she brought a lot of drama and excitement. She needs to come back & shack it up a bit.

Ntsiki Lukhele

Who can forget Ntsiki Lukhele, this Generations villain was the best to ever do it.

Thembeka Shezi

Thembeka was a new age villain, although her stint was short lived, she made an impact.