Not only does the look show maturity but the look just makes these men look ten times sexier.

Lungile Radu

When Lungile Radu began going grey we didn't quite understand what was going on, purely because he used to rock a chiskop but when he began growing out his hair and beard the man looked even more attractive to the eye.

Just look at this man. He's all kinds of scrumdilioscious

Thapelo Mokoena

Even when Thapelo is wearing work-out clothes he still looks so attractive with that salt & pepper beard.

Sigh... give us a salt & pepper type of guy anyday!

Janez Vermeiren

Everything about this picture is heavenly.

We're just here for the cool watch...yeah right...

Mdu Masilela

The greatest comeback ever from a kwaito star has to be this man right here. Mdu Masilela, after a long period of going silent on us, returned to the scene last year and we've been taking notice of him ever since and that grey beard of his is also to blame.Since he was named Mkhulu Bae by the young ones, Mdu Masilela has definitely caught our attention with his salt & pepper look.
Thumbs up for the Godfather of Kwaito.

Main image Credit: Instagram/@MduMasilela