Can someone please come fetch their mom, and show her what she's wearing. Yhu!
 #AntiZumaMarches Sticker I saw yesterday at the Rosebank Gautrain bus station.

"Ive Seen Better Cabinets At Makro"
Protestors braved the wet and cold weather in Johannesburg to add some humour to the anti- Zuma march.

As Seen On Twitter - James Nzuza
James Nzuza tweeted: Priceless and deep

Lol black folks got no chill, walking around carrying his head #AntiZumaMarches

"Tastes Like Junk"

#Zuma Sucks Gupta Cock
We will just leave this here.

"Impeach The Leech"
Turns out the Gupta's were also targeted in the anti- Zuma protest
Wenger Out
“And in a long-running and hilarious tradition of Arsenal fans taking the piss with their own hatred of their club’s manager Arsene Wenger, a few showed up at the Zuma protests too.”