If you ask us, we probably would have run for our lives!

For one family, their peaceful night became a lot more interesting when they stumbled upon a nine-foot alligator on their porch. The alligator was thought to have been a burglar after the family heard noises coming from outside.

The large reptile had made its way onto the porch by easily climbing a single flight of stairs that leads towards the front door of the house. In the video one can see that the alligator had made itself feel at home while laying on the floor next to a comfortable couch.

The father of the household can be seen trying to scare off the large beast using a stick. However, that did not work. After an hour of trying, the family called a wildlife expert and the alligator was sedated and safely transported to a nearby lake.

With that being said, we would totally prefer an alligator on our porch to a burglar!
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