Entrepreneur and radio DJ, Tbo Touch hyped the nation up when he went to parliament after vowing to ensure that data in South Africa falls so imagine how disappointed people were when that didn't happen. 

Instead, Touch and his then business partner, Gareth Cliff, merely struck a deal with MTN to ensure free streaming of their radio app for MTN users.

But now that Touch has ventured off on his own with Touch HD, he aims to reach more people and this time, he has partnered with Telkom to provide WiFi hotspots in townships around the nation.

According to Daily Sun, the WiFi hotspots will be called hoodspots and both parties have agreed that "hoodspots" are the best way to provide alternative ways of making the internet accessible to people.

“TOUCH HD is gonna take the responsibility to flood townships just to make sure that access to data becomes a human right. And possibly the right people will join us. It is a costly exercise but it’s what we want to do, we want people to access TOUCH HD,” Touch told the publication.

He has yet to partner with other networks to ensure free streaming of his app and says "you can’t force networks to change their pricing models. You make and create awareness for the exorbitant prices of data."

Hmmm. If hoodspots become a thing, will you start listening to Touch HD?