Since Somizi and Bonang's friendship ended, Somizi isn't holding back on anything.

During the Metro FM breakfast show alongside DJ Fresh, Somizi, shared a story about how Pearl Thusi's tolerance for Bonang ended whilst they were all on an international trip for the Are You With Us campaign for Woolworths alongside Pharrell Williams.

Woolworths and Pharrell had chosen four of South Africa's hottest entertainment beauties which included, Pearl Thusi, Minnie Dlamini, Nandi Madida and Chiano Sky for the campaign. Bonangjoined the trip as she was set to interview Pharrell and the four ladies for the Expresso Show.
Naturally, when you're doing a campaign with an awesome superstar like Pharrell Williams the first thing you would want to do is take photos with him right?

That's exactly what all the ladies did, however, according to Somizi, it's alleged that after Bonang had asked Pearl to take a picture of her and Pharrell, Pearl then asked Bonang to return the favour and take a picture of her and the international star as well.

However, things went down south real quick after Bonang took the photos.

Whilst Pearl was under the assumption that Bonang was taking photos of her and Pharrell, Pharrell had to quickly dash off and naturally, Pearl wanted to see how the pictures came out, according to Somizi, when Pearl opened her phone, there were no pictures of Pharrell and Pearl but numerous pictures of a wall.

Now we all know that Pearl Thusi and Bonang aren't exactly the best of friends but to pretend that you're taking a picture of someone next to Pharrell only to find out you were taking photo's of a wall is quite...errmm...deep?

Meanwhile, Bonang had her picture with Pharrell like....