Maybe that's one of the reasons why we admire Lerato and Siyabonga's relationship so much.

Just like some entertainment couples in the industry, the couple has always tried to keep their relationship under wraps and would reveal just enough for us to want more.

Even though the couple has gone through a bit of a rough patch (which relationship hasn't) they've managed to keep the love strong and fun.

Just like this video.

What's also inspiring about these two is that they do not play when it comes to their craft. We actually think if they were forced to choose between not acting for a month or not eating for a month, they would actually opt to not eat for a month.

Whilst Lerato is currently on Isibaya.

And whilst Siya left our jaws gaped down on the floor during the last episode of Saints & Sinner, looking at Siya and Lerato's union you can't deny that to make a relationship work, you need to connect on so many levels than just the physical.

We highlight a lot of our entertainment couples as bae goals, but these to are the ultimate bae goals.