The rapper, who recently got signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment has had a good run in the music industry but he hasn't quite cracked it yet in comparison to his other hip-hop counterparts when it comes to the mainstream audience.

Part of the reason is because Priddy Ugly hasn't been able to have his music played on the radio, not because his music is terrible, it's actually quite good but according to the rapper, there is just a whole lot of red-tape one needs to go through before they get their music played on air.

Speaking to Hip Hop Galaxy, Priddy Ugly explained how he was approached by a gentleman who works at one of the top radio stations in the country.

The man had advised him to drop his hot single at the time (Bula Boot) so it could get heavy rotation on air, but what Priddy Ugly came to learn fast was that in order to get your song played on air, you would need to pay a bit of a hefty price for it.

Upon his arrival at the radio station, Priddy Ugly was then surprised to find out that he had to pay a deposit of R16,000 for two months of airplay.

" I get to the place on Monday with my CD, we meet the guy and give him the CD, then he's like 'Ayt cool, you know the procedure right?'

By procedure I thought he meant is the song registered, is the song mixed and mastered, so I was like yeah I know the procedure. Then he's like listen, man, we can make this song the biggest song in the country, in six months you can start winning awards, your ratings can go up, you can pay a deposit now of like R16,000 for 2 months airplay."

Priddy Ugly went on to mention that the guy said he was actually meant to pay R25,000 for the song to be played on air.

Wow! This is actually not the first time we've heard up and coming artists complain about the culture of monopoly between the music industry and radio stations. Hopefully with the backing of Ambitiouz Entertainment, Priddy Ugly won't need to find himself in such situations