Khanyi Mbau has managed to see the light-hearted side to the thousands of mocking memes that have been made to target her 'pink complexion'.

Ever since Khanyi shared a picture of herself that went viral earlier this week, theres been thousands of memes, which have inundated social media.

Re-posting a "raw chicken" meme, Khanyi asked Mzansi to accept her for who she is.

"South Africa love me as I am, accept me, please take this offering of these pieces of me..#PinkLivesMatterToo," she said.

Khanyi also shared another meme where someone made her complexion considerably darker.

Khanyi became the talk of the town earlier this week when a picture of her went viral, with Twitter users labelling her complexion "raw" and "pink".

But despite the storm that erupted around her, Khanyi remained unfazed by the hate.

She told TshisaLIVE that after 13 years in the industry she was still a major topic of discussion.

"13 years later and people still question everything I do. I just stay blessed," she said.