Media personality and now business woman Nonhle Thema has done it all, had the magazine covers, the money, the travel, the brand ambassadorship and the fairy-tale romance, but she says of all those things, the best thing that ever happened to her is becoming a mom.

Nonhle is mother to four year old Star Ivy her daughter with ex fiance Arthur Bolton, and even though she has been a mother for years now she still gushes about the experience.

“Find this incredible purpose of being a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My daughter star is just an incredible being and she is my best friend. She helped me grow up and mature,” she explains.

Nonhle says her daughter made get closer to God.

“I became closer to God after Star was born and I am grateful for that,” Nonhle adds.

Nonhle is currently a co-founder of Yummy Mommy Club and a motivational speaker.