Forget everything you've ever learnt about baby showers. When Kenny Kunene wanted to celebrate the upcoming birth of his son, he didn't have a baby shower, he had a baby launch!

The prestigious invite-only baby launch took place in Johannesburg on Saturday and was attended by a select group of about 100 close friends and family.

"It was a small affair. My wife doesn't like big celebrations and so we tried to keep it small but still classy," Kenny explained.

He said that guests brought expensive gifts for the baby launch because they were told that the baby would be the most fashionable child in Mzansi.

"They (guests) didn't come with cheap stuff. There was a lot of items that were imported or brought from boutiques overseas. Everybody knows that my boy will be the most fashionable baby. I've even bought him Versace clothing. I love it and I want my boy to dress in the best clothes. My boy will only wear designer clothing," Kenny said.

Although Kenny would not reveal his wife's due date, he said that they had already decided on a name.

"His name is Remo Kunene, which means 'The Chosen one'. It is a name given to us from God and the ancestors," Kenny said.

He added that he cannot wait to be a dad.

"It couldn't have come at a better time. His birth changes everything for me. I felt like I wasn't a big part of many of my children's lives and now I have the chance to fill that void with Remo," Kenny said.