GOSPEL artist Dumi Mkokstad is taken, according to the rumour mill – he’s dating Zama Mkhize.

They claim he’s been hot and happening with Durban Crown Gospel music project manager Zama since 2014.

A source close to the situation alleged Dumi’s been scoring awards through her influence.

The source said: “I find it strange that Dumi seems to be winning awards left, right and centre! He and Zama keep their relationship a secret, as they know once it’s out, many gospel artists will feel betrayed by Zama.

“They’ll think Zama had an influence in Dumi scoring all those awards. Zama is playing with fire. Because she may be stripped of her position because of the relationship. I wonder – did she have any influence when Dumi won the awards?”

The first source added: “It feels as if other gospel artists were cheated.”

A second well-placed source said: “Dumi is always working and doesn’t have time to entertain girls.

“Zama is special to have caught his heart and he’s prepared to tie the knot and spend the rest of his life with her.”

A third source said: “Dumi is a player of note, because he has been in a relationship with Crown Awards project manager Zama and they have been discreet since 2014.

“Dumi has kept his love life low-key. By confirming the information you already have, I’ll be accused of being bitter. I work for a rival company. But truth needs to be told.

“Zama can’t date a gospel singer and also have an influence on the Crown Gospel Awards through her managerial position.”

Dumi denied he was dating Zama. “I don’t understand. I work so hard for people to come and discredit me,” he said.

When asked if he’s dating Zama he said: “I’m a born-again, my sister. I’m single and don’t even have a girlfriend. This hurts, as people voted for me.” One day you will have kids and you will understand how hurting this is.

When called for comment, Zama referred inquiries to Crown Gospel Awards publicist, Wendy Sithole, who released a statement for both Zama and Crown Gospel Awards, saying: “Zama has never dated Dumi.

Even if they were dating, they’re adults and that has nothing to do with the organisation – however, they are not dating and have never dated.

“Zama is an official, who works as an events manager, co-ordinating logistics like the hall, the sound etc. She’s not part of the awards committee nor a judge. She has no say and no involvement in who is shortlisted, nominated or wins.

The statement further said: “Mzansi can testify that Dumi is a talented young man, who’s won on merit.
“In fact, most of his awards have been voted for by the public. So either you are targeting the CROWNS – there is no story, or if you are targeting Dumi, still he won on merit.”