The granddaughter of struggle icons Nelson and Winnie Mandela, Zoleka Mandela says, despite going through as much as she does on a day to day basis, it pales in comparison to the challenges that those who came before her had to face, that’s why when she feel like it’s getting to much, she thinks about how hard they had it in order to motivate her to keep moving forward.

Taking to her social media, the psychology degree student spoke about a few of the challenges she encounters on a day to day basis, having to constantly remind herself that this is nothing compared to struggles of both her grandmother and mother. “I’m doing laundry, tidying up after everyone because I can’t think or study properly if the house is messy, then there’s dishes, cooking, Unisa showing me who’s boss, breaking up fights, wifely duties, books, more mommy duties and, and, and …”

She knows first hand that dealing with some much can weigh a person down, but she’s more than prepared to take it as it comes and face it head on. “When it feels like it’s all getting too much I think about how my grandmother and mother studied under harsher circumstances, so not having a nanny or a helper to assist me as I try to juggle it all simply pales in comparison. Then I’m reminded … I have my life that I am always thankful for (nothing makes me more happy than being a full time, hands on mother and wife), I’m still clean and sober, finally completing my degree, finally done with Chemotherapy and Radiation, I’m Cancer free … breathing and I’m a damn WOMAN – there is NOTHING that we can’t do! Look at the washing pegs on my shirt!!! Study break over, back to the books!!! “