Today marks the 37th anniversary of Zimbabwe's Independence, i.e.: the day the nation became free from colonial rule. Over the years, South Africa and Zimbabwe have shared quite the relationship and so have the people of both nations. As such, we have a few famous faces to thank Zimbabwe for:
1. Nadia Nakai
The rapper is of Zimbabwean descent, though she grew up in South Africa.

2. Leroy Gopal 
The actor, voice-over artist and motivational speaker was also born in Zimbabwe but currently has his roots firmly set in South Africa.

3. Luthuli Dlamini
This one may come as a surprise but Dlamini was actually born in Zimbabwe and grew up between Zimbabwe and the UK. He has since made a home in South Africa and picked up some local languages (as so many Zimbabweans easily do).

4. Oskido 
The music legend was born and raised in Zimbabwe as one of his parents is from the country but he later moved to SA as a teen to pursue a career in music.

5. Gugulethu Khumalo (aka Berita)
The popular Xhosa musician was born and raised in Bulawayo but later moved around a lot with her parents before settling in South Africa.
6. Dylan 'Blayze' King 
The hunky rapper was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe but later moved to Rustenburg where he grew up.
7. Peter Ndoro 
The Morning Live presenter was born in Zimbabwe but like Dlamini, he was also raised in the UK. He moved back to Zimbabwe in his teens to finish his schooling before kicking off his broadcasting career which began in Zimbabwe and later flourished in SA.

8. Chi Mhende

9. Tongayi Chirisa
The yummy chocolate brother from Happiness is a Four Letter Word
10. Junior Bujy Bikwa