On the outside, Minnie Dlamini seems to have the dream life ever since she became popular after wining the LIVE competition. The media personality however has had her fair share of heart breaks and misery. “I was miserable, depressed and losing weight,” Minnie reflects on her darker days.

Whilst everyone thought Minnie was killing it in the gym after revealing a much slimmer body, Minnie says she was losing weight due to depression and being miserable.

Minnie took to Instagram sharing a throwback photo of herself a few years ago saying she would cry and sometimes fake being happy just make the show go on. “I still got up and went to work and continued my hustle, no amount of pain was going to stop me from achieving my goals,” she wrote. 

Now the star is in a happy place and says she never wants to lose that much amount of weight again. “I honestly believe we go through shit so we can fully appreciate the good ❤.”