Musician Brickz has been very vocal about overcoming his drug habit and how it ruined his life. As he and his former nemesis DJ Cleo have buried the hatchet‚ Brickz revealed that he spent R2 million on his drug habit.

Brickz and Cleo were on RGB speaking about what went wrong in their friendship. The two were considered a power duo and created many hits together in the late 2000’s. But they had a ten year feud which was only recently cleared up.

Speaking to Phat Joe on the show DJ Cleo blamed the feud on drugs.

“He was untouchable. This is the perfect platform to come out and tell the you not to do drugs. It (the drugs) strained a perfect relationship. He has been clean for two years. We are back to making music and making people dance again.”

Brickz admitted that it was a dark period in his life but said that he has learnt many lessons.

“I lost my mom. I lost my gran. My gran was like my father. I lost two of the most important people in my life. When the money started rolling in‚ you never know what to do with it‚ really. I spent about two bar on drugs.”

After a decade of beef they reunited and released a single‚ Amafluit. On the day that they met they went into studio and produced the song. Seven days later they were on the popular TV show which airs on SABC 1.

You can watch Cleo and Brickz talking about their journey here (Skip to the five minute mark)